• Naan $3.95

    Traditional leavened bread made in tandoor

  • Garlic Naan $4.50

    Leavened homemade bread topped with garlic

  • Peshawary Naan $4.50

    A naan stuffed with raisins

  • Cheese Naan $4.50

    Scrumptious naan stuffed with Homemade Cheese and topped with cilantro

  • Aloo Naan $4.50

    Stuffed with potatoes and green peas

  • Chicken Naan $5.50

    Stuffed with minced lamb and spices

  • Keema Naan $5.50

    Stuffed with minced lamb and spices

  • Aloo Paratha $4.50

    Crispy, whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and peas, cooked on the griddle with butter

  • Plain Paratha $3.50

    Crispy, whole wheat, unleavened Indian bread

  • Tandoori Roti $4.50

    Traditional, crispy, whole wheat, unleavened bread cooked in tandoor

  • Chapati (2PCS) $4.50

    Thin, soft, whole wheat bread cooked on the griddle

  • Poori (2PCS) $3.95

    Puffy deep-fried whole wheat bread

  • Plain Basket $11.95

    Choice of 3 kinds of plain breads

  • Stuffed Basket $12.95

    Choice of any 3 breads

  • Bhatura (2PCS) $4.00
  • Onion Kulcha $4.50

    A naan stuffed with caramelized onions


  • Basmati Rice $2.95

    Aromatic rice cooked with cumin, cinnamon and other fragrant spices. (Note: rice is already included with each entree)

  • Raita $3.95

    Spiced yogurt and cucumber sauce

  • Mango Chutney $2.50

    Sweet and tangy

  • Mixed Pickle $2.50

    A traditional assortment of lime, carrot, mango, and chili pickle

  • Pappadam $2.95

    Crispy baked snack of ground lentils